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Calf Talk

Salmonella Outbreak!-Dairy Bull Calves-WI

A new strain of salmonella-Salmonella Heidelburg-has entered the livestock industry and is being transferred from cattle to people.  This infection is multi-drug resistant and has been affecting people from ages 1 to 72. Outbreaks started this January 2016 and ran through October.  Eight out of 21 cases reported have been hospitalized. Due to being resistant to antibiotics, this strain can be more hazardous to come in contact with.  It is very important to take steps and extra precautions to prevent infections from spreading.

Some Good Guidelines to Follow:

Dedicate clothing strictly for barn and livestock use that are kept outside of your home.

Wash hands thoroughly after each contact with livestock, their surroundings and equipment used for them.

VACCINATE your livestock and work with a veterinarian to help prevent disease outbreaks.

If you have any questions, please contact your local veterinarian!


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